Kosmonoetika Playlist

January 23rd, 2009 by Druzhina

Over a two week period, it would be possible to listen to the whole 2nd full-length CD of Druzhina – Kosmonoetika on the Druzhina MySpace Page. Due to some administrative issues, the release will be postponed, and therefore a decision was taken to provide an opportunity for listeners to check out every one of the 8 tracks.

The first four tracks will be uploaded on Sunday 25th january.

1. Eeriness of the Azure
2. Tale of Xiosrev
3. Without Return
4. Galloping Through Worlds

The last four tracks will be uploaded on Sunday 1’st february.

5. Skrjabin Prelude Op.11 No.14 (played by C.G.Méla )
6. Threshold of Insomnia
7. Friggjarstjarna
8. Constellation

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